Offset Sleeves

The area of ​​the offset sleeves is divided into the offset plate sleeves and the offset blanket sleeves.And in these areas, we differentiate between regular and heavy duty.

INSECO Offset Plate Sleeve

The use of aluminum ensures that even the highest pressure forces do not cause a geometric change of the body or the surface. The surface is solvent resistant, scratch resistant and optimized for the adhesion of the adhesive film. All common print lengths and widths are available, but special sizes are possible. The usual wall thicknesses are 14.5 to 135.6 mm, but we also supply others! We also offer you the usual printing plate thicknesses from 0.3 to 0.43 mm, also here special dimensions are possible. Just ask us!

INSECO Offset Blanket Sleeve

The permanently accurate concentricity ensures excellent printing results. The quick installation as well as the easy handling promise the perfect application. Here, too, INSECO offers not only the usual printing lengths and widths but also special dimensions. In addition to wall thicknesses between 12.4 and 134.3 mm, we can also supply you with other thicknesses. The blanket thickness is standard at 0.95 or 1.95 mm - here we are able to make other strengths possible by manufacturing the complete workpiece in-house.

Basic quality features are:

excellent resistance to chemical or thermal stress

Scratch and abrasion resistant surface

easy installation at 6 bar and 720 l / min air volume

high concentricity stability

dimensional stability

Front aluminum protection protects all surfaces against chemicals, humidity, UV

Corrosion-resistant register ring made of VA steel

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