In 2008, INSECO Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded. Cylinders and rollers quickly gained an excellent reputation in the market. Consistent with quality standards and requirement profiles, INSECO produces and processes cylinders for customers from all over the world.

A look at the market and its own profile has convinced the INSECO to produce sleeves from 2014 onwards, whose particularly innovative design is incomparable on the market and allows customers to optimize their handling.

This is what the INSECO customers appreciate - INSECO sleeves can be found in printing presses worldwide. In summer  2017 INSECO took over the Pressparts B.V.. Pressparts had qualified from the Netherlands worldwide as a supplier in the sleeve branch. In order to ensure continuation for its customers, the managing director, Mr. Hout, decided to sell to INSECO.

Future plannings and  improved expansion capacity were motors for INSECO to become part of the Neuenhauser Group in 2018  - INSECO has completed the portfolio of the Neuenhauser Gruppe since then.

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